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How to Secure a Security Job

shaking HandsThe security job market is flooded with people that want to work, so applying for a job can become a minefield.

As a company Focused Security Services  can receive up to 400 job applicants for one position. Therefore your CV and you as an individual has to stand out from the rest.

The security industry works on accuracy and detail so what can you do to break into the industry in general and Focused Security Services in particular? Listed below are helpful hints to help you make that difference and get through the initial CV sift.

Your Curriculum Vitae

Ensure that it paints a full and accurate pen picture of you and your skills
Format the document correctly so it appeals to the reader
List your skills in relevance to the position you are applying for
Show your employment history chronologically from present backward and include month and year of the position
Close any gaps that appear in your work history, if you have been signing on give the dates and address of Job Centre
Follow up your CV with a call to the company, this will show a willingness to work

The Interview

Should you be invited to an interview be mindful of the following

  • Research the  company and what they do and where they operate
  • Ensure that you turn up on time, lateness does not set a good example
  • Make sure that you are dressed appropriately, smart, clean shaven etc
  • Make eye contact and introduce yourself with confidence
  • Have copies of your CV to hand out should they be required
  • Don’t forget to take your SIA License with you
  • Sit up in your chair and be ready to answer any questions
  • Always make eye contact and answer questions clearly with confidence
  • Have copies of certificates and qualifications at hand should they be asked for
  • Have a list of rehearsed questiones you want to ask the interviewers
  • End your interview on a positive note, thank them for seeing you.
  • Ask if there will be a chance to get feedback on your interview skills

Security Officer JobsFollow up Action

After you have had the interview
Follow up with an email thanking the company

  • Find out if there is any feedback and request that they keep your details on file for future reference should there be any more security vacancies.


The Private Security Industry Act 2001. Warning you must have an SIA License to work in the security industry

To get your SIA License you must successfully have passed a security training course .

From the SIA Website – These clauses create the offence of engaging in conduct for which a licence is required when not in possession of the appropriate licence. The penalty on conviction in a magistrates’ court, is up to six months’ imprisonment or a fine of up to £5,000, or both.

The current designated sectors or activities that must be covered by a licence are as follows:

  • manned guarding, which includes:
    • cash and valuables in transit – under contract
    • close protection – under contract
    • door supervisors – under contract and in-house
    • public space surveillance (CCTV) – under contract
    • security guarding – under contract