Mission Statement

Focused Security Services Mission Statement

Focused Security ServicesThe team at Focused Security Services are on an incredible journey and this is simply due to the ethos of the company.

The very reason Focused was formed was to raise standards in the provision of security services and working conditions for security officers.

Ok, nothing new here you might say but we know you will think differently once you have met with our owners.

Focused has three key areas in our agenda for change.

1. Standards for security officers – Long hours, poor pay are a thing of the past
The majority of the time we are governed by TUPE and financial restrictions of the client, however we believe we can do something very basic yet seldom seen in our industry to improve the quality of life and work life balance for our internal customers.

2. Service – superior standards achieved just by being Focused
The Team at Focused Security has worked for many security companies in the past and as a young company we are already providing standards of service that is unrivalled. To be honest it really is easy when one is passionate about the business and our customers. So moving forward as we grow the business we will not undertake new contracts unless we can hand on heart deliver best in class. To assist us in achieving this we have some golden rules:

a. Operate within an area that we can support and provide a seamless service
b. The current hourly pay rates must be above minimum wage
c. Working conditions for security officers must be safe and have appropriate welfare facilities in place

3. People – we want to be known as an employer of choice in the security industrywork life balance
Selecting the right staff to work with us is the single most important part of our day to day business. We are never in a position where we have to expedite recruiting to fill a gap in a roster. The way we operate makes this entirely feasible. As good people come to work with us we look after them and in return all we ask is that they give 100%, we are robust but fair and will not be held at an operational disadvantage just because an officer couldn’t be bothered to turn up for duty and let their team mates down.

There are many things we have in place but we think you get the idea of what we are achieving where other security companies fall down. The next step is really to meet with us. It doesn’t matter if you are not reviewing for some time our Directors love to meet people and demonstrate the passion we have the security industry and the people who work with us.

Call us on 0121 706 8045 or use the contact form, we look forward to meeting with you soon.