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Security NottinghamThere are many security companies in Nottingham to choose from, however Focused Security Services is fast becoming a supplier of choice to businesses in the Nottingham area. We have a fantastic  reputation for delivering high quality security in Nottingham and Security in Mansfield. Our services include mobile security patrols, Security guarding and alarm response services in the area.  We have a diverse client portfolio across many industry sectors demonstrating our ability to provide bespoke, cost effective security solutions to businesses in the Nottingham area.  [br] [br]

Security NottinghamSecurity in Nottingham remains a big concern for many businesses. Offences against businesses are estimated to make up approximately twenty per cent of all recorded crime in the UK. Criminals are always on the look out for more innovative ways to steal from hardworking business owners.

So how can Focused Security Services limit the risk you face? Read our tips for security Nottingham. [br]

[br] FREE Risk Assessment
Security Services can provide you with a free risk assessment identifying where your business is most vulnerable. Unfortunately if you have been a victim of crime you are already know where your business has security weak points. However a fresh pair of eyes carrying out a thorough risk assessment may prove invaluable and it will not cost you a penny. Contact us now to discuss in confidence and without obligation how we can assist you.

Batten down the hatches
You may need to reinforce doors, fit window security locks and install security lighting. If access points are vulnerable the installation of a good quality Digital CCTV system is paramount. Again Focused Security Services can arrange for a free no obligation survey and quotation and advise you on the legal side of things such as Data Protection.

Alarm systems
Security Alarm systems are only as good as the response to an activation and if you are a business owner and have tasked your staff to act as key holder then you need to consider the implications and the safety responsibilities of this undertaking. Focused Security Services provides extremely cost efficient Alarm response services in Nottingham and Mansfield from as little as £1.00 per day. Having a professionally trained security officer respond to an alarm activation at your business premises makes for more sense than utilising your own staff.

Video Security Alarm
Another extremely cost efficient security product to add to your business protection system is our Video Security Alarm system – Videofied. Please watch the video footage below for a demonstration on how this works. With Police becoming busier and no longer have the time to respond to alarm activations Videofied provides and ideal solution by verifying if an intruder is present on your business premises. The product is completely wireless and easy to install by our technicians. You can buy or rent the system.  [br]

Protect yourself and your staff
Make sure your personnel receive security training, it is made available to all staff and that everyone knows what to do in the event of a serious threat. Better to give up products or cash than sustain injury trying to defend it. We can help you train your workforce to recognise suspicious behaviour by those who enter your business premises. By instilling simple but effective measures your personnel will gain an understanding on know how to report crime to you ensure they keep as little cash as possible on site and routinely empty tills for example.

Security NottinghamMobile Security Patrols
Small businesses often lack the budget or indeed do not have a requirement for on site security guards. A very effective deterrent that is cost effective and high profile mobile security patrols are an excellent addition to protect your business premises. We discuss with you the frequency of patrols and provide real time monitoring and evidence of each patrol. You can read more here

Secure your equipment and products

Conduct regular property and equipment security audits and delegate responsibility for particular items to individual staff members. Asset tag computers and make an inventory of your equipment to include details of serial numbers. Secure expensive equipment to floors or walls and pay particular attention to make sure any bicycles and vehicles are kept secure.

Get organised and protect your business
By being organised and efficient you will easily identify any discrepancies in your stock count early on. Accurate, timely completion of paperwork is essential and question excessive amounts of voids, credits or damage claims. Make sure you make time to carry out regular stock takes.

Prevent employee theft
Make sure you carry out vetting of your employees previous employment history and check references. Focused Security Service completes vetting of all our personnel to British Standard 7858 even for casual or part-time employees. As a business owner or manager you should introduce clear policies about theft and make sure all your staff are aware of them. A robust procedure to ensure control of keys is also essential so use caution when granting access to keys and security passcodes.

Prevent information theft
Theft of sensitive information is often overlooked and not just by small businesses. In order to protect sensitive confidential information, such customers financial information and employee details, utilise access controls on computers to restrict entry. Crucially conduct frequent reviews as to who has access rights and change passwords often. Make sure your IT systems are also adequately protected from external threats by installing firewalls and anti-virus software.

Confidential paper waste
Do not ever throw confidential waste in any old recycle –educate your staff. Criminals may be able to use the information it carries. Focused Security Services can provide you with lockable paper bins and then securely transport the waste to recycling centre and issue you with a certificate of destruction. We a re licensed waste carrier.

Proactive Security Nottingham
Crime changes because criminals recognise they need to come up with different or more sophisticated methods if they are in to stay ‘in business’. Make sure that your business security measures remain up to the challenge. As our customer Focused Security Services provides this free of charge at least once a year and provide you with suggestions about how you can better protect your business. [br]

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The Nottingham Business Improvement District or BID for short focuses on delivering activities to ensure Nottingham City is a shopping and leisure destination of choice in the region, has taken over responsibility for the Business Crime Reduction Partnership for the city The arrangement between Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire Police and other city centre partners it has been decided to move the operation of the Crime Reduction Partnership, formerly known as Nottingham Businesses Against Crime to the Nottingham to BID With a remit is to create a safe, clean and welcoming environment for visitors to the city so that they enjoy their experience whilst they are here they have a tall order to achieve activities focused on minimising crime and anti-social behaviour. There will be investment in new state of the art digital radio system enabling people and businesses to link across the city centre and facilitate the prompt sharing of information. Regular meetings will also be held for members and crime prevention advice will be made available.

The Security Industry Authority
Notts Police