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Does your business need professional and reliable security in Birmingham? We provide high quality security services in Birmingham which can offer you and your staff complete peace of mind. From security guards, to alarm response services & mobile security patrols, Focused Security have got you covered. Our team has the experience and the skill set to carry out the job to the highest of standards. Call us today on 0800 288 9082 to enquire about security for your business in Birmingham.

Our Birmingham Security Personnel

Through our recruitment and training processes, we ensure that our security officers are the best in the business. All of our security personnel are licensed by the SIA, passing all relevant training and exams covering a range of scenarios. This training includes information on describing individuals based on a coding system, handling situations that may occur whilst on duty and other essential safety measures. You can be confident that your business in Birmingham will be protected with our thorough training methods.

Our security personnel will be briefed on set requirements when manning specific positions, as well as what the role endures. Being prepared for all situations is key to providing effective security, and we understand that each of our clients in Birmingham has their own unique requirements. An example of these certain requirements may be regular checks or patrol routes that may need covering at specific times. We will tailor our security to you, ensuring that the level of risk to your business or property is minimised.

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Security Services

We can provide security in Birmingham for businesses & organisations of all sizes. If you require night watch security, our fully SIA licensed security guards in Birmingham are ready to provide a physical presence to deter criminals from entering or attempting to break in. A physical security presence is an extremely powerful deterrent for any would-be criminals. You will be able to sleep easy in the knowledge that our security personnel are alert to any threats.

Manned security greatly decreases the risk to your premises of theft, criminal damage, vandalism and trespassing. Our highly skilled security guards have the skills & experience required to to discourage criminals from attempting any nefarious activity around your Birmingham site.

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Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading security providers in Birmingham and have built our proud reputation on trust and professionalism. We do not believe in tying in customers to lengthy contracts, our customers in Birmingham stay with us because they are extremely happy with the service we provide. We always meet with potential clients prior to providing a quotation to gain a full understanding of their requirements and risk to their business. We have an open book policy so you can see what we pay our security teams out of what we charge and we do not employ sales personnel. What we promise is guaranteed to be consistently delivered. Each Birmingham business has specific security requirements and that’s fine, we are flexible and will provide you with exactly the service you require and more.

To enquire about security in Birmingham please call us today on 0800 288 9082 or fill in our contact form below.

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