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Focused security LogoMaking a difference to customers and our staff

We really do want to make a difference in everything we do, and in an industry which we feel has been standing still for some time the benefits to our customers and our security officers are immense. It is really difficult to get across what we are about without giving away company secrets to competitors, but seeing is believing and you can meet with any of our customers who will tell you how fabulous we are.  Whilst we employ modern marketing techniques to raise brand awareness of our business we do not employ sales personnel.  The service we promise you now will be exactly what we deliver and more so please do read on, arrange to meet with our Directors and find out more about Focused Security Services.

It’s not just about costMoney
Of course in the difficult economic climate we all face today cost control of your outsourced services is crucial but that doesn’t mean to say we can make improvements.

In a modern age of technology we feel the art of basic communication is quickly dissipating into the ether. At Focused you will be quickly refreshed as to just how effective our management team communicate with you. You be extremely well informed about the service we provide you with, the good things, the everyday things and even the not so good things. Whatever happens’ you will have complete transparency of our service and how we manage the contract.

Paying the security team
Essential to any successful contract is providing customers with a highly motivated security team. At Focused all our staff are highly motivated simply because we get the basics right. Basics such as paying them accurately and timely, being responsive to their needs and ensuring we maintain an inclusive approach – Our officer’s work with us not for us and you can see the results for yourself.

What Next
Well we would love to meet with you, discuss your security requirements and tell you a bit more about us, how secure our business is and what we have planned for the future. Call us now and speak with one of our Directors. Tel: 0121 706 8045
Feel free to browse our website or even follow us on Twitter @focusedsecurity

Other things
Whilst we have some old fashioned traits we do embrace technology and fast communication, hence our email to you. On the subject of emails, we never pass on your details or spam you every week and if you don’t want to receive any more just send us an email back to let us know.

Our Security Services
The core services we provide throughout the East and West Midlands are:

  1. Security Guarding
  2. Key Holding and alarm response
  3. Mobile security patrols

We can also provide specialist services such as explosives detection dogs for example through our trusted contacts that we have used many times throughout our careers in the industry.