Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols are an extremely cost effective means of securing property when carried out professionally. The biggest concern from that of a customer’s viewpoint is having assurance that mobile security patrols are being carried out as requested and are not being missed due to other commitments such as staff shortages on another site for example. Focused Security committed to providing more than just professional security services, which is why we not only recruit the best people but train and equip them to carry out their duties in a proactive and safe manner. In short our Security Officers are highly motivated and committed to delivering outstanding levels of service that goes way beyond a standard security patrol service.

Patrol evidence

Patrol monitoring devices have evolved over the years and we provide and operate an open book approach for customers. Our security patrol reports are therefore completed in real time and as a customer you can access the reports when you want and have them automatically emailed to you.

The real time device used is equipped with a panic button and the ability to have a two-way conversation. The main feature however is that we do not have to travel between sites to download your security patrol data.

Body Cameras

Our professional mobile security patrols officers make use of body worn video surveillance equipment with live video streaming capability

During any incident. live images can past fast and easy from body camera to command and control centre.

This feature greatly improves the situational awareness and safety of patrol officers.  It can also provide remote support on site and crucially gather evidence.

Additional Security Services

compliment your mobile security patrols for increased security with our Alarm response and Key Holding service or our latest video alarm system

Facilities Management Support

  • Our mobile security patrols officer will monitor areas of interest on your sites, for example:
  • Checking the security status and safety of void property can be completed to agreed schedule. Bespoke reporting and checks
  • Health and safety visits for lone workers
  • Environmental patrols to reduce wasted energy.  Such patrols can be utilised at no additional charge if we lock down your property each evening.
  • Vacant land checks to help deter fly tipping and occupation 

Patrol evidence

24/7 365 days a year we have you covered and for such a small cost the return is significant. Consider the following for example:

  • Employee safety – no lone work implications
  • Employee productivity  – Employees are not fatigued due to being called out in the early hours
  • Focused Security Services provides a high profile deterrent and rapid response to alarm activations.

Why not call us on 0800 288 9082 and find out just how cost effective our alarm response and key holding service is.

Find Out How Our Security Services Can Help You

Our customers benefit from

  • Fast response times
  • Detailed incident reporting
  • Free site security surveys
  • High profile warning boards
  • 24 hour control room
  • Senior management oversee operation and are contactable
  • Trained security officers that are SIA Licensed and vetted

We are committed to providing more than just professional security services. We recruit the best people, train and equip them to carry out their duties in a proactive and professional manner. Officers at Focused Security Services are highly motivated and deliver outstanding levels of service that goes beyond the standard security service. In addition to key holding and alarm response security services enhance the security profile of your business with Mobile Security Patrols.

lock and unlock patrols.

In addition to traditional mobile security patrols, alarm response and key holding services, Focused Security Services can also lock and secure your building as well as unlock the premises at an agreed schedule.  Find out more about security patrols.

Superior reporting and Communication

All patrols and visits to your premises are recording in real time via GPS, details of which are automatically emailed directly to you at time and frequency that suits you thus providing a completely transparent overview of attendance.  Aside from the GPS reporting, mobile security officers will complete traditional incident reports upon attending alarm activations for example.  Additionally we can tailor our reporting to incorporate building status reports, lighting checks and health and safety for example.

The quality of our key holding and alarm response service is underpinned by carefully selecting SIA Licensed, vetted Security Officers.  All our security officers receive the highest quality of individual training providing our customers with a superior level of service.

A flexible solution

Our Key holding and Alarm response service is flexible to suit your specific requirements and can include additional services such as Staff escorts, Mobile security patrols, Lone worker visits and Property inspections.

At the heart of key holding and alarm response service is our 24 hour control centre.  Upon receiving a call from your Alarm Receiving Centre our experienced controllers will dispatch a mobile security driver to attend.  All calls, incidents and events into the control centre are recorded.

How much does our Key Holding and alarm response service cost?

Every customer has bespoke requirements, so please contact us and arrange for one of our Key Holding and Response Managers to meet with you and gain a full understanding of your requirements. There is no charge for meeting with us and there is absolutely no obligation to use our services.

  • We take the guess work out of providing quotations and priority is to provide you with the most cost effective security solution for your business.
  • Our Key Holding service can cost from less than £1.00 a day
  • Our services are accredited to BS7984, the British standard for Key holding and Response Services.
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