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10 Cost Efficient ways to Improve Business Security

Insecurity is a major problem that has continued to affect both small and big businesses for a long period of time. No single day passes by without a business enterprise reporting a case of robbery, break-in, arson, loss of property, or even loss of life. Such incidents have left many business owners uncertain about the success or future of their businesses. This is the reason as to why it is very important for every business owner to make sure that he or she has a high standard business security.

Ensure Your Business Security is up to Scratch

The following are the top 10 cost effective ways  to help improve your business security:

1. Install Alarm Systems

Alarm systems play a major role in controlling external business theft, especially in business enterprises where employees and customers transact business through hard cash. Therefore, you should make sure that your business has a functional alarm system. To ensure that your business is secure 24 hours a day, you should have your alarm monitored by a very competitive alarm response provider such as the Focused Security Services Limited.

Focused Security Services Limited is a reputable private security company that provides different types of security services for the purpose of protecting businesses against theft and burglaries. The key holding company provides key holding and alarm response services using state-of-the-art G.P.S, on-board navigation, and mobile communications systems to offer very reliable and high quality services to clients. Apart from having very modern facilities, the company has very competent alarm response units that are always prepared to offer quick response to alarms. All the alarm response units are professionally trained to handle arms and dogs. The drivers are have many years of experience in driving state-of-the-art alarm response vehicles and working with different types of alarm systems.

The strong combination of comprehensive reporting, modern facilities, proficient communication systems, competent workforce, and accurate invoicing makes the services of Focus security to be very affordable and very easy to use.

2. Hire Security Guards

Hiring the services of security guards is also one of the best ways of ensuring the safety of your business. Due to the existence of many security firms today, you must be very careful while making your choice. Make sure that you hire security guards from a well-recognised and legitimate security firm so as to avoid any inconveniences. With Focused Security Services Limited, you are guaranteed of high standard security guarding services. Unlike other security services, Focused Security listens to its clients and is always ready to make necessary changes within the security system that can suit the needs of all the esteemed clients.

Focused Security Services Limited prides itself in offering maximum protection to all types of businesses at very affordable rates.

The private security guards from Focused Security are mature, experienced and highly skilled as they usually undergo rigorous and professional training. They are adequately trained to guard and patrol both the inner and outer areas of all types of business premises. The guards are always equipped with sophisticated security gadgets that enable them to conduct detailed security checks at your gate, inside the buildings, and even at the parking lot. They are always ready to brave the colds and other forms of harsh weather conditions just to make sure that your business is completely secure.

3. Install CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV camera systems are for protecting your business against theft by customers, robbers, outsiders, and even members of staff. Therefore, make sure that CCTV cameras are positioned in strategic areas such as the gate, storerooms, reception, parking lot, and offices. CCTV camera systems provided by Focused Security are not only very affordable, but also very effective. They are designed to help you in preventing crime before it happens, minimising loses, management overheads, and insurance claims. The CCTV camera systems are very capable of providing instant alerts whenever there is a robbery attempt at your business enterprise. And in case of a robbery, the systems will record every detail of the unfortunate incident, providing you with concrete evidence that can help you in identifying or taking legal action against the robbers.

Whether you are asleep, your staff members have gone home, or you are away for your holidays, Focused Security CCTV camera systems will always be capturing different types of incidents at your business premises 24/7. The incidents are watched over by very experienced surveillance professionals. Apart from recording footage, the CCTV camera systems are also capable of detecting sound alarms, unusual movements, and act as a vital communication link between Focused Security’s Control Room and your business premises.

4. Hire Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols are meant to ensure that you and all your staff members are very safe and sound as you carry out your daily duties at work, especially if your business is in a crime-prone area. Focused Security’s security patrol units are fully equipped with modern security devices, allowing them to be very visible and effective deterrents. They are very capable of deterring vandals, thieves, or any suspicious looking people off the premises. The mobile security patrols are very important in that they offer cost-effective and safer alternative to static security guards.

The highly trained, uniformed security officers from Focused Security are always committed to conducting scheduled or random security checks of your premises, meaning that you will always be having a peace of mind while handling other responsibilities knowing very well that you are under protection. The security personnel work effectively by carrying out vigorous emergency response procedures with the help of cellular phones and other security devices. They are trained to monitor, record, and report any criminal activities taking place within a given site. Another advantage of mobile security patrols is that they will also be there to alert you in case of floods or fire so as to avoid having any casualties.

5. Conduct Regular Property Inspections

This is to ensure that all the properties within your business premises, including the building are just as exactly as you want them to be at all times. Focused Security Services has all the necessary mechanisms in place to conduct comprehensive property inspections within any given premises. The inspection teams are trained adequately to conduct property inspections and come up with vital reports whenever needed. The reports not only contain the conditions of your properties, but also state the different number of items that you have at any given time. The written reports can also be accompanied with photographs to help you in confirming the condition and number of all your properties.

6. Use Access Control Systems

Using access control systems in your business premises is also one of the modern and effective ways of boosting business security. An access control system not only helps you in filtering the different people entering your business premises, but also in keeping away people with ill motives or criminals. Some of the different types of access control systems available in the market today include biometric access controls, smart card access controls, video door access control systems, and digital keypad access control systems.

One of the main advantages of access control systems is that they are very cost effective. Many of the systems can be re-programmed, minimising the need of lock changing or any other additional services. Have any of the access control systems within your business premises also reduces or eliminates the need of security guards, which in turn helps you in minimising security costs. All the systems have the ability to keep records of people coming in or going out of your business premises. The records are very helpful especially in cases of break-ins or robbery attempts as they clearly indicate who was in and who was out of the premises at a given time.

Another advantage of access control systems is that they can be customised to meet your business needs. With a properly customised access control system, you will never be have to worry about your employees or visitors being at places they are not required to be. All you need to do is to make sure that you get the systems from a well-recognised security firm and that the systems are handled by your most trusted employees.

For more information about the security services offered by Focused Security Services Limited, you can visit the security company’s website at

7. Plan Properly for Emergencies

Whatever you do or wherever you are, do not allow yourself or your staff members to be caught off guard by any unfortunate incident. Do not be the kind of person who waits to take action only after an incident has occurred as this might put you and your businesses premises at a greater risk than you can ever imagine. Once you know that your business premises might catch fire under different circumstances, be submerged in floods, you must ensure that you plan properly for the emergencies. Preparing for emergencies not only helps you in saving the lives of your staff members and employees, but also helps you in protecting your critical assets.

Install fire extinguishers and medical kits at very convenient places within the building and make sure that they are checked on a regular basis. You should also make sure that all the staff members are trained adequately on how to access and handle the fire extinguishers and medical kits. One of the best ways through which you can train your staff members on how to handle emergencies is by hiring the services of a reputable emergency preparedness company that you can find within your locality.

Make sure that your business premises or buildings have a number of spacious and functional emergency exits to avoid people being trapped inside the building in case of an emergency. You should also make sure that the building has an operational emergency communication system that can help in identifying any type of emergency and providing staff members and customers with important instructions whenever necessary.

8. Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Providing your entire business enterprise with a good outdoor lighting system not only makes it hard for thieves to find hiding places, but also makes it easier see what is happening on the CCTV cameras. Apart from providing security, outdoor lighting also enhances the aesthetic value of your property.

There are a variety of lighting systems in the market today that you can choose from. Some of the best types of lighting systems that you should go for include timer lighting, motion detectors, LED lights, and porch lighting. Apart from having been proved as reliable deterrents, these lighting systems are also very easy to install and maintain.

9. Improve Your Computer Security

To offer adequate security to your company’s vital information, you should make sure that all the important files are stored at a single corporate network. Through this, you can be able to monitor all the edited and saved files and keep track of people who access the files. Such security measures are meant to prevent rebellious or wayward staff members from copying vital internal documents to their flash drives or disks.

10. Provide a Sign-in Book and Company badges

A sign-in book will help you in keeping track of all your employees as well as random visitors who come to your business premises. It is very important in that it provides you with the arrival and departure details of every employee and visitor. It also outlines what every visitor comes to do in the premises. Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that you inform the security guards at the gate to ask everyone entering or leaving the premises to enter their correct details in the sign-in book.

To make your employees look more professional and official, you should provide each one of them with a company badge. A company badge not only separates your employees from your clients, but also makes the employees to be more disciplined as they feel monitored all the time.

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