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CCTVFocused Security Services is utilising Next Generation CCTV to provide a visual verification of intruders at your home, business or commercial premises.

This highly versatile and flexible system is easily installed almost anywhere. Book your free onsite demo and survey now without obligation.

Tel 0121 706 8045 – we just know your going to be impressed.

What is Videofied CCTV?

Videofied is not a CCTV surveillance and recording system so that the owner can access images or footage. Videofied is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to our 24 hour control centre, your smart phone or as many other people as you want for immediate review.

We highly recommend that you link Videofied to our control centre for peace of mind.  In the event of an alarm activation the control centre will dispatch one of our highly trained Alarm response officers to your premises.

Please note that a monitored video alarm delivers quicker police response.


Where can you use it?

Videofied is proven for protecting remote sites, outdoor locations and assets in harsh environments. The system is currently in use in the USA to protect cell towers in the heat of the Arizona desert and oil wells during the cold winters of Alberta.

Videofied also has equally suited CCTV equipment for residential use. Videofied can be used anywhere security is needed and is also an excellent upgrade to existing security


Self Monitoring your CCTV

Alarms and video clips can be received by you as the homeowner and as many other designated persons you wish via a smartphone or other Internet enabled device. Genuine alarms can be quickly notified to the appropriate authorities and false alarms can be ignored. We also provide pet friendly sensors

With this CCTV Equipment you will be able to:

  • Video verify an actual intrusion.
  • Save time by not needing to move when it’s a false alarm
  • Immediately call police when there is an instrusion

To ensure an effective protection, Videofied products are always installed by security professionals. Even with Self Monitoring, it is an alarm installer that will install and program Videofied products.

Your Smartphone APP puts you in controlCCTV App
You can control the Videofied security system remotely.
Receive Alarms and Videos
Arm and disarm entire system and special areas
View the system event log
Request videos
Request photos


How we can reduce the cost of your Security.

If you currently have an alarm response company and pay an annual key holding fee. call us on 0121 706 8045 as we may be able to enhance your current service.

If you currently use mobile security patrols throughout the night and weekends, call us.  This system can reduce the cost of security and enhance the security profile of your premises.

Regardless of your requirement, permanent, temporary, residential or commercial we can tailor make a highly cost effective and robust security solution for you.

Lets Catch Intruders and not just Record them.  

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