We mind our own business and Yours

Security CompaniesHow Secure Is Your Business?


What happens if your building alarm goes off in the night?


Have you thought about using a private security company but been put off by the cost?

Protecting your business from crime can prove to be expensive, however at Focused security services we have devised a highly effective, but extremely low cost security service for businesses that are located on industrial and business parks.

Security Officer on patrolWhat we do
Basically we provide a shared security service that incorporates random mobile security patrols of the business area checking for suspicious activity and ensuring that business premises are secure.  We also provide a rapid response to any building intruder alarm activations along with a key holding service so you will not be called out in the middle of the night just for false alarm.


We carry out mobile security patrols of your business estate at random times throughout the night


Our service is flexible to fit the specific needs of the business area with bolt service options for business who have additional requirements, such as an internal security building patrol for example.  We have detailed some of the services you will get below, however once we have gauged the response from your business community we will then contact each business that have shown an interest to discuss specific requirements.

We respond to any alarm activationsReduced Security risk
We provide full management reporting so you know what’s happening at night
We provide you with a dedicated business park security website
We install high profile security warning boards to raise the security profile of your building
All our patrols are recorded utilising the very latest in GPS real time patrol monitoring
We carry out regular risk assessments and security audits as well as identifying potential risks to health and safety
Checks on void properties


How much does this cost
The way we see things is that businesses use different security providers, have various ways of protecting their business and tend not to share crime related information. Indeed some businesses simply take a risk and have no security at all.  We believe that by spreading the cost of security to each business in your area will achieve greater results, cost efficiencies and crucially an enhanced security profile of your business premises.

So the cost really depends on the number of businesses we can attract to the service but we are sure that you will be pleasantly suprised.


Tick and PC MouseWhat to do Next – we really do value your input

Please use the form to let us know if you are interested in our service proposal – or not as the case may be

We collate the information over a 14 day window and share feedback with the businesses who are interested

Businesses are then contacted with a service proposal and cost, following which we can then discuss further as a group or individually


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