Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services

Security Guard ServicesFocused Security Services Ltd provides high quality security guard services throughout the UK. With locations in Birmingham, London, Nottingham and Loughborough. Our customers benefit from the fact that we are never far away and have fully site trained Operations Support Officers to support each  assignment.

Through years of experience in the private security industry we understand from a customers point of view what service issues frustrates them with some security companies.  It was this understanding and knowledge that became the catalyst for forming Focused Security Services. We turned the approach to service deliver upside down and put people before profit and mixed in some good old fashioned business values of delivering what we promise. Ultimately of course customers want a fully managed service, hence the reason for outsourcing it.

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It’s all about people
At Focused Security Services we value every employee as an internal customer, without them we do not have a business.  This style of management has enabled us to be very selective when recruiting for security vacancies. We receive CV’s from quality candidates via our website and because we treat our officers well in every sense of the word, they seldom leave us.  This provides continuity of staff for our clients and crucially a consistently high level of service delivery to our customers.

Recruiting security officers to fill vacancies is a critical part of our business and as a security company we are dipping into the same talent pool as everyone else. The key is to never rush recruit to fill a gap and have an efficient, effective and robust screening and vetting process. Coupled with close monitoring and management of new recruits we believe our processes deliver the required results. Our aim is to be an employer of choice in the security industry.

Using Focused Security
We do not believe in tying in customers to lengthy contracts, our customers stay with us because they are very happy with the service we provide. We always meet with potential clients prior to providing a quotation, just so we can really understand their requirements and risk to their business.  We have an open book policy so you can see what we pay our security teams out of what we charge and we do not employ sales personnel. What we promise you will be consistently delivered.

The welfare, safety and working environment for our staff is highly important to Focused and our customers so we really do need to understand your business. We will make recommendations to improve security where possible and try and identify cost efficiencies. Most importantly though we will always drive continuous improvement, share innovative ideas and best practice. For you our customer you have a security partner who really cares and not just a supplier of security guard services.

Every business has specific requirements and that’s ok, we are flexible and will provide you with exactly the service you require and more.

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Why our officers are highly motivated and feel valued
First and most importantly we get their pay correct, accurate and paid timely every month.

All security personnel receive a management visit every, week regardless of their shift pattern. They are fully supported by our head office team and know that should they have any issues one telephone call, email or text is all it takes to resolve it.

We provide employee benefits, such as discounts on their weekly shopping, utility bills and mobile telephone. Moving forward we add more and more benefits for them.

Continuation training and career progression is extremely important to our security teams as many want to grow their careers and develop as a person. Each officer is regularly reviewed to identify their career aspirations, training requirements and personal development.